The Rocky Mountain Pet Resort boarding facility is located one half mile west of the town of Yampa’ Colorado. The facility sits on 43 acres and offers 3 ponds, one half mile of private road, and much privacy. Our family lives here on the property 200 feet from the boarding facility. We take pride in the fact that we are always on site and can immediately handle any situation that might arise.

The boarding facility consists of two separate buildings. The first building houses our “standard” size kennels and the second building offers “queen” size and “king” size kennels. The standards are our smallest kennels and are 4’X 6′ inside and 4’X 8′ outside. All our kennels are indoor and outdoor separated by a door that hangs open when the weather permits. The dogs can go in and out at will all day. Queens are 5’6” X 8’ inside and another 5’6” X 8’ outside. Our King size is 8’X8′ on the inside and outside.  Both of these offer ample space for multiple dogs or even a large family of pets, although it is common to have several dogs in a standard depending on their size and needs. All of our boarding kennels have in-floor heating. The pets’ comfort zone is low to the ground, and they love laying on the warm floor in the winter months. There is a snow-melt system on the outside portion of the queens and kings. Benches are provided so the dogs can get up off the floor, as well as blankets for additional padding. You are welcome to bring your pets’ own bed or blankets if you feel he or she would be more comfortable with something from home.

Have questions? Call us. 970-638-0242