Dogs, Cats and Extras

Description Pricing
Standard Kennel one dog $30.00 per night
Queen Kennel one dog $32..00 per night
King Kennel one dog $38.00 per night
Additional dog in kennel $24.00 per night
Cat room $24.00 per night
Additional cat same room $16.00 per night
Extra play time 1st dog $8.00
Extra play time 2nd dog $6.00
Swimming per swim per dog $10.00
Private walks per dog $8.00
Bathing per size: sm, md, lg, xl $25.00, $30.00, $35.00, $50.00
Nail trim $10.00
De-shed $55.00 and up depending on size
After hours pickup $10.00 per reservation
Private transportation $TBD (Please call for rates)


We offer competitive pricing with many extras that are not available at any other facility in the region.

Have questions? Call us. 970-638-0242